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The College Democrats of America


The College Democrats of America consist of ten officers who serve for a one-year term on college campuses across the country. Our board members work with our leaders in the states and on individual campuses to bring about change on their campuses and in their communities


The College Democrats of America’s caucuses offer college students a unique opportunity to become involved with groups and issues that really matter to them. The caucuses also serve as a bridge between CDA and college students who fall into one of the many caucus groups. There are nine caucuses: APIA, Black, Disability, Faith, Hispanic, Labor, LGBT, and Women. These caucuses work with their respective constituencies to bring about the democratic message on college campuses across the country. These caucuses also work with DNC Caucus Leaders to advocate on behalf of their constituencies.


Our CDA Communications Director works with communications directors in the states to spread the democratic message on college campuses.

Ever find yourself wondering about policy issues, candidates running for office, or local issues on your campus? Think you are the only person waking up at 7am to vote early on Election Day?  Think you are the only college student willing to give up your evenings and weekends to volunteer on a campaign?

Well, you’re not alone. From coast-to-coast College Democrats of America members are working on their campuses to engage college students on local, state, and national races. We are the folks you might find trying to register you to vote, talk to you on campus about health insurance reform, or ask you to express your appreciation for elected officials voting to pass important pieces of legislation like the Student Aid and Financial Responsibilities Act.

The College Democrats of America are the official youth branch of the Democratic National Committee. We are comprised of local and state chapters that are affiliates of the Democratic Party. We represent hundreds of thousands of current students and millions of young people across the country that work, volunteer, and support Democratic candidates and issues.

Why We Are Democrats

Throughout our history, it has been the Democratic Party that day in and day out has stood up for civil rights, the environment, health insurance reform, energy independence and a host of other important issue. When every day Americans need a voice as they struggle to make ends meet, Democrats stand by them and fight for an economy that favors the middle class, not corporations. From President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s G.I. Bill to President Obama’s Student Aid and Financial Responsibility Act passed earlier this year, Democrats have opened the doors of opportunity for millions of Americans to go to college.

Today, students stand united to engage our peers in support of President Obama and on the key issues facing our generation. President Obama listened to young people in 2008 when we volunteered for his campaign, came out, and voted. Today, President Obama continues to fight for college students as he works to get our economy back on track.
When it comes to fairness and equality, we believe that all Americans should have the same opportunities to achieve the American Dream – regardless of race, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation. But equality doesn’t stop there.
When it comes to securing the energy resources of the future, we believe that America needs to turn away from our addiction to fossil fuels and harness the capabilities of alternative energy to build a Green economy. A Green economy will protect our environment and create jobs that cannot be shipped overseas and put us back on the path to leadership in fighting global warming.

We believe that every American should have access to quality, affordable health care. We believe in stronger schools and safer streets. We believe in civil liberties. We believe that it is our responsibility to care for our seniors and secure Social Security for the next generation. And we believe that to win in the future, young people must speak up now.

Join us in 2014 as we continue to fight for our future.