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About CDA

Ever find yourself wondering about policy issues, candidates running for office, or local issues on your campus? Think you are the only person waking up at 7am to vote early on Election Day?  Think you are the only college student willing to give up your evenings and weekends to volunteer on a campaign?

Well, you’re not alone. From coast-to-coast College Democrats of America members are working on their campuses to engage college students on local, state, and national races. We are the folks you might find trying to register you to vote, talk to you on campus about health insurance reform, or ask you to express your appreciation for elected officials voting to pass important pieces of legislation like the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act.

The College Democrats of America are the official youth branch of the Democratic National Committee. We are comprised of local and state chapters that are affiliates of the Democratic Party. We represent hundreds of thousands of current students and millions of young people across the country that work, volunteer, and support Democratic candidates and issues.

View the official CDA Constitution here.