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Law School Caucus

Caucus Description
College Democrats of America Law School Caucus works to engage law students in the Democratic Party. We support over 85 chapters at law schools across the country in their efforts to advance justice and other Democratic ideals. We work to ensure that every eligible voter is allowed to cast a vote and that every vote is counted, support Democratic campaigns and candidates, and cultivate the next generation of Democratic leaders.

Our work includes:
● Assisting Democratic campaigns with voter protection, legal and policy research, and getting out the vote;
● Helping law students become involved in Democratic campaigns and causes;
● Preparing law students for careers in public service;
● Raising awareness of important legal and political issues; and
● Empowering law students to become leaders in Democratic politics.

Caucus Board Members

Ted E. Anastasiou

Vice Chair of Membership
Sarah Harrison

Vice Chair of Programming
Lance Polivy

Vice Chair of Finance
Rody Damis

Vice Chair of Communications
Miriam Gillis

Get Involved

Join our Facebook page: CDA Law School Caucus