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Director of Development


Aaron Wilder | Director of Development | wildera@collegedems.com

University of Central Oklahoma

Aaron Wilder is the Development Director for the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Raised in Memphis, Aaron has lived in Oklahoma City for nine years and calls Oklahoma home.

Aaron was on the track to becoming a professional violinist when he happened upon politics by accident.

Since then, Aaron has worked and held internships with Jari Askins, Ed Shadid, the Oklahoma Democratic Party, and Organizing for America. In 2012, he was the Field Director for Paula Roberts in Oklahoma House District 45. During his time serving Democrats in Oklahoma, Aaron has been active in the Young Democrats of Oklahoma, where he is the Treasurer. Throughout his career, Aaron has gained experience in lobbying, rural campaigning, and Native American politics (working for candidates in both the Muscogee Creek and Cherokee Nations).

Aaron is a Strategic Communications student at the University of Central Oklahoma. When he isn’t traveling Oklahoma and the country with his friends, he likes to read about architecture and design and sift through everything Oklahoma has to offer.