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“Why I Vote.” by: Ben Goodman

eboard Posted October 26, 2010 at 5:37 AM
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“Why I Vote.”
By: Ben Goodman, CDA National Council Vice-Chair

This summer in Charlotte, I told fellow College Democrats
that Democrats are going to surprise a lot of people on November 2nd.
I maintain that position. Despite the negative headlines by the
right-wing media, and attempts to discourage and keep Democratic
voters home by right wing pundits and tea partiers, Democrats are
stronger than ever.

My favorite part of serving as National Council Vice Chair
is checking in with states around the country to see what they are
doing to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot this fall. Here
in Maine, I’ve been actively helping local efforts to help make Libby
Mitchell Maine’s first woman Governor, return Chellie Pingree and Mike
Michaud to Congress, and help our great state legislators return to

Maine is an interesting state–we’ve elected two
“independent” governors in the last few decades–Jim Longley in 1974
and Angus King in 1994 and 1998. In our tough race this year, our
nominee has not only had to combat a Tea Partier who believes that
students should not have the right to vote without owning land or a
vehicle (something he doesn’t even do), and a Washington Lobbyist who
made his millions shipping Maine’s manufacturing jobs to China.

So much is at stake on November 2nd – but I know that
College Democrats around the country are working hard to make a
difference – and we will. While pundits are spinning this year as
“anti-Democratic,” we’re running strong in races where we shouldn’t
necessarily be–in New Hampshire’s Second District, Annie Kuster is
leading the popular former GOP Congressman Charlie Bass; Texas could
be on the verge of electing its first Democratic Governor since Ann
Richards; and Jerry Brown is about to return to California’s

Across the country, Democrats are poised to surprise
everyone–and we’ve all been a part of it. We’ll keep working to
provide the change that matters for working men and women.

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