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State Spotlight: Pennsylvania College Democrats Take a Stand

Alejandra Salinas Posted November 6, 2011 at 11:50 PM
by , President, College Democrats of America

The Pennsylvania College Democrats recently took a stance against drastic education cuts in their state budget.  These budgets cuts were enacted over the past year from Governor Corbett’s administration.  Despite protests from across the state against these cuts, Governor Corbett refused to restore funding for education in Pennsylvania.  PACD then voted to adapt a petition to take action.

Over the past several months, PACD has collected nearly 5,000 signatures protesting the budget cuts.  The main goal of their petition was to show that funding for education is a vital issue for students and students will not accept defeat.  PACD teamed up with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, who used their social networks and e-mail lists to spread the word, and MoveOn.org, who also helped with e-mail blasts to their members throughout the state.  Several elected officials publicly supported the petition by signing and promoting it on their social media sites.

Residents inside and outside of Pennsylvania signed the petition and on October 24th, PACD presented the petition to the Governor’s office.  They also took the time to visit state representatives and senators from both parties who represent regions with schools and held conversations about the important of education funding, not only for students, but for the economies of those areas.

PACD’s project was a great example of collaborating with the party, progressive organizations, and elected officials across the state to support an issue that isn’t just important to Democrats – but important to everyone.

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