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Moving CDA Forward: A Message from Tori and Andrew

Kenzi Green Posted September 17, 2012 at 10:45 AM
by , Director of Communications, College Democrats of America

A message from CDA President Tori Taylor and Vice President Andrew Slade:

Friends, we were so excited to see so many new faces at CDA Convention this year. Your dedication to ensuring President Obama’s reelection is an inspiration, and your presence at Convention sent a strong message to our country: we College Democrats are raising our voices in support of a brighter future for America.

Tori and Andrew

Of course, now that the Democratic National Convention has passed and the President’s message is clearer than ever, our real work begins. As your newly elected National President and Vice President, we are so looking forward to working with state federations and chapters to organize, fundraise, and communicate effectively.

This fall, your CDA Executive board will be supporting state/chapter efforts through fundraising in conjunction with the CDA Board of Directors. We’ll be focusing our efforts on battleground states, while providing every state with resources and direct access to the DNC and OFA.

One of our biggest initiatives this year will be ensuring that you stay connected to CDA and know what resources are available to your state federations and chapters. To meet that goal, we’ll be offering specialized organizing calls, trainings, and video chats. If you have ideas or want to see specific trainings happen, feel free to reach out to us at TaylorT@CollegeDems.com or SladeA@CollegeDems.com.

We’re working hard to ensure that this year’s executive board is the most open and accessible one yet. We look forward to working with you to move CDA forward together.

Democratically yours,

Tori and Andrew

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