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Check Out CDA President Alejandra Salinas’s Convention Speech!

Kenzi Green Posted September 6, 2012 at 7:02 PM
by , Director of Communications, College Democrats of America

Speaking before a crowd of thousands at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, former College Democrats of America President Alejandra C. Salinas inspired millions of young Democrats, LGBT youth, and aspiring public servants. Watch her speech and read the full text below!

Alejandra C. Salinas’s remarks at the Democratic National Convention:

Buenas noches, democratas!

My name is Alejandra Salinas, a native of Laredo, a proud, recent graduate of the University of Texas, and on my way to law school at Boston College.

Four years ago, on campuses all across the country, young people rose up to change the course of American history. In record numbers, we came together and finally elected a president who understands our struggles, shares our dreams and believes in our future.

Some people say young people aren’t excited about this election; that it isn’t about us. But the decisions made over the next four years will affect us more than anyone. And on November 6th, we’re going to send Barack Obama back to the White House!

Because of the president’s Affordable Care Act, 3.1 million young Americans who were previously uninsured can stay on their parents’ health insurance. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to repeal health reform and take that coverage away.

President Obama doubled funding for Pell Grants. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would cut scholarships that are so critical to creating opportunities for those that need them most.

This president, on so many issues—immigration, LGBT rights, women’s health —has proven that he cares about all of us, and that he’ll keep on expanding opportunity. As a young, LGBT Latina, it seems to me that Mitt Romney only cares about an elite few.

Mitt Romney recently called my generation a “lost generation.” He’s wrong. We know exactly where we’re going: forward, not backward. We’re going to register voters, knock on doors, turn out the vote—and on November 6th, re-elect our true champion, President Barack Obama!

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