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Support the President with the #ForAll Campaign

Kenzi Green Posted September 21, 2012 at 4:09 PM
by , Director of Communications, College Democrats of America

College Dems,

As we’ve seen over the past few days, this November’s election presents a choice for voters between a candidate who will represent some Americans, and one with a proven record of standing up for affordable education, health care, equality, and prosperity for all. Across the country, young people are speaking out, writing down our reasons for supporting President Obama. As College Democrats, let’s make clear our reasons for getting involved in this campaign.

College Democrats of America is joining the #ForAll campaign, a new youth branding initiative from Obama for America designed to engage young voters.  We are asking College Democrats across the country to join us in making these campaign a success.  Here’s how you can get involved:

Choose an issue or sentiment that you want to share, and write it on your right hand. Put your hand over your heart, take a picture, and post it so that everyone knows you want a president who will stand up #ForAll of us. Here are some examples we’ve seen from some of our fellow College Dems:

·       Prosperity
·       Peace
·       Freedom
·       Right to Choose
·       Equal Pay
·       Cleaner Energy
·       Jobs
·       Education
·       Higher Ed
·       Healthcare
·       Clean Air
·       Equal Rights
·       Marriage Equality
·       Love
·       A Home
·       A Future
·       A Voice

Pick one that resonates with you, and make a statement. After you take your picture, apply a cool filter and post it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with “#ForAll” and a reminder for others to make their voices heard by registering to vote at www.gottaregister.com. Check out these great examples from the University of Central Florida and Iowa State University.

Once you’ve done this, encourage your friends and other College Dems to do the same.  Here are some sample tweets:

  • For me, this election is about [reasonhere] #ForAll. If you agree, make sure your voice is heard. http://OFA.BO/odxNeb
  • I’m voting because I believe in [reasonhere] #ForAll. Commit to vote for @BarackObama: http://OFA.BO/odxNeb
  • There’s a new way to say you’re voting for President @BarackObama. Post a photo with #ForAll to join in.

Other ways to organize around #ForAll with your chapter or state federation:

  • Snap photos of students while you’re on campus tabling or registering people to vote.
  • Write letters to your local community and campus papers discussing why you’re #ForAll.  Want templates?  E-mail CDA Communications Director Kenzi Green at greenk@collegedems.com.
  • Send your #ForAll pictures and stories to us to be featured on www.collegedems.com and our Facebook page!
  • Have your state federation or chapter executive boards make group pictures like ours:

The more young people we inspire, the closer we get to winning this November.  Let’s move this country forward, #ForAll.

Democratically yours,

Tori Taylor
National President
College Democrats of America

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