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Issues: Economy

A strong economy is the foundation for a strong future – especially for America’s youngest citizens. Whether youth are seeking work during the school year or summertime, or beginning full-time job searches upon graduation, their success will depend in no small part on the strength of our economy. That is why President Obama and Democrats in Congress have worked tirelessly to rebuild our economy and create jobs.

In order to jump-start America’s economic engine when the President first assumed office, the President and Congressional Democrats enacted the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, passed tax cuts for small businesses and workers, and legislated investments in green technology and projects. As a result, our economy is growing once again, and employers across the country are adding jobs.

Today, President Obama and Democrats in Congress continue to work hard to cement economic recovery and to increase economic stability. Central to that effort is Wall Street reform, which will ensure that every American has the information they need to make informed decisions when choosing a mortgage or credit card. Already, the Obama Administration has enacted fundamental reforms to the credit card and student lending industries. Those reforms are especially significant for young Americans, who too often fell prey to misleading and manipulative credit card terms and took out loans that provided unnecessary subsidies to banks and lenders.