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Energy and the Environment

Issues: Energy and the Environment

President Obama and Democrats from across the country are dedicated to promoting an environmentally sustainable future. The global community needs a leader to solve the issue of climate change—we can be the solution.

The path to sustainability starts here at home. We need to invest in clean energy solutions, protect small family farmers, preserve our natural resources, limit urban sprawl, and restore degraded ecosystems. The solutions to these issues will help to create green jobs for the next generation of American workers.

Our actions at home can set an example for the world. Climate change is our generation’s greatest issue and it is time for Republicans to accept the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community. We need broad agreement on climate change, so we can implement an aggressive plan to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Foreign oil presents not only an environmental concern, but an issue of national security. In addition, we need to engage in international trade agreements that promote the use of environmentally sound agricultural practices.

Together we should “think globally, act locally.”

“And that is what is at stake, our ability to live on planet Earth, to have a future as a civilization.”—Former Vice President Al Gore