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Foreign Policy

Issues: Foreign Policy

As a leader of the free world, foreign policy is crucial for preserving national security, protecting human rights, and participating cohesively in the international community. America’s foreign policy affects every single person’s life, work, and study here in the United States, as well as many abroad. The students of today will play a defining role in the policy of tomorrow. Under President Obama’s leadership, students will continue to build a world with increased understanding and opportunities for cooperation and learning.

President Barack Obama’s foreign policy doctrine is premised on the prioritization of diplomatic solutions, backed by military credibility, to meet global challenges while also preserving life and security. Since taking office in 2008, President Obama has encouraged youth involvement through his “100,000 Strong Educational Exchange Initiatives” throughout Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America. These programs provide pathways for each and every American citizen to serve as a Foreign Service Officer. In addition, the President has ended the Iraq war, disassembled Al-Qaeda’s core leadership, struck a deal with Iran on their nuclear program, and has consistently promoted the use of our foreign policy influence with political caution.