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Youth Voting

Issues: Youth Voting

One of the most basic rights in any democracy is the right to vote. Over the years, young people have become more engaged in the electoral process. In 2008, we turned out in record numbers for President Obama and candidates up and down the ballot. Youth were also pivotal in President Obama’s re-election in 2012. The College Democrats of America know that young people are a powerful voting bloc and a powerful voice in support of change. We can continue to evoke change by registering students nationwide and mobilizing them to polls to make sure our voices are heard!

Your vote is your voice, and it matters.

Today’s political issues shape the future. If we don’t care now, today’s problems will only get worse. Politics has an impact on who we are as Americans and what we aspire to be. Your voice determines the path of our country. Your vote determines if we move forward or adopt the failed policies of the past.

So many of the laws and policies we enjoy today are built on the shoulders of those who fought for change before us.

Your civil rights were cemented by the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Those laws were the product of years of toil by civil rights activists in the 1960s who risked their lives to make voting a right for all Americans. The fight is still not over. We must continue to vote to end workplace discrimination.

Your financial aid was first established in the G.I. Bill by President Harry Truman, and was more recently expanded by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. George Miller (D-CA) in 2007 and again by Congressional Democrats and President Obama in 2010. We must continue to cast our vote to further policies that make education affordable for all.

Vote in every election to ensure that what you want to be accomplished gets accomplished. Your vote matters because in the end, we are the recipients of what today’s politics brings.

Get involved. Join a chapter. Start a chapter. It’s all up to you. Your vote is your voice.