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Chair: Colleen Cullen
E-mail: cullenc@uwm.edu

First Vice Chair: Zach Wood
E-mail: woodzb@uwec.edu

Second Vice Chair: Paul Savides
E-mail: savidepk@uwec.edu

Fundraising Director: Lila Greenberg
E-mail: lila.greenberg2012@gmail.com

Diversity Director: Pedro Hernandez
E-mail: pedro.hernandez@mu.edu

Membership Director: Sam Milewsky
E-mail: milewssa@uwec.edu

Development Director: Mike Tecca
E-mail: tecca@wisc.edu

Communications Director: Austin Helmke
E-mail: austin.helmke@gmail.com

Women’s Issues Chair: Cammy Rathsack
E-mail: cammyrathsack@gmail.com

LGBT Issues Chair: Jonah Hermann
E-mail: jonah.hermann@gmail.com

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